Changelog: Our APIs will soon return only HTTPS URLs

To provide our users maximized compatibility and consistency, our APIs will return default HTTPS URLs in JSON responses starting from March 25, 2019.

Our APIs are evolving to allow you to create more and more video websites and applications. Until now, you received default HTTP URLs in JSON responses. We will soon update our product and standardize our APIs to match the SSL protocol.

How it works now

Currently, you receive default HTTP URLs in JSON responses:

And to force an HTTPS URLs, you have to use the ssl_assetsparameter:

How will it work starting of March 25, 2019?

Most applications and web browsers support the SSL Protocol, plus your applications are already calling Dailymotion’s APIs with HTTPS. So, from March 25, 2019, you will receive default HTTPS URLs in JSON responses:

How to still force an HTTP URL response after March 25, 2019?

In case you don’t want to receive HTTPS URLs in JSON responses, you can use the URL parameter ssl_assets=false for the next 6 months. After this period, the ssl_assets parameter will be deprecated and you won’t be able to get HTTP URLs from our APIs.

Note: Please contact our Support Team with any questions or to discuss this matter further.