Dailymotion will celebrate the next Hacktoberfest!

As Dailymotion has been part of the Open Source Community for years now, using free tools like Kubernetes to create our New Geodistributed Platform, but also contributing with projects like Tartiflette or Vast-client-js, we decided to support the next Hacktoberfest.

All our developers are invited to participate in this full-month event by contributing to any Open Source repository on GitHub. We’ll also organize a Coding Party on October 29th with a special guest to share experiences and encourage cooperation.

Our Open Source Products

Two of our Open Source Products will be “Hacktoberfest tagged” this year: Tartfilette, our GraphQL API engine and Vast-client-js, our JavaScript library. Because we care about our users, we focused on providing a simple and powerful developer experience with these two products, giving the Community the ability to develop quickly.

Tartiflette by Dailymotion

GraphQL Server implementation built with Python 3.6+

Vast-client-js by Dailymotion

JavaScript library to fetch and parse Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) documents

: Interested in helping us develop these projects? Register to the 2019 Hacktoberfest and submit your pull requests between October 1-31!

About the Hacktoberfest

This global eventgathers more than 100K participants worldwide every year around a positive philosophy: everyone – from developers, students learning to code, event hosts or companies of any size – can help drive growth of Open Source and make positive contributions to this ever-growing Community.