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Platform API
Getting started


The Platform API enables you to access info about videos, users, playlists, etc., manage your Player and embed it on your own website or application. At a high level, the range of available API calls covers virtually all facets of Dailymotion.

Public info are available with no specific authentication while private info and account operations are available depending on the authenticated status and permissions granted.

API Keys & Endpoints

The Platform API is accessible with both public and private API keys.
If you don’t know which API key you should use, find more details in the FAQ.

The endpoint will be different depending on the type of API key used:

Public API key
Private API key

Objects and schema of the Platform API Reference are compatible with both endpoints.


Check the authentication guides to access the API.

API Reference


We enforce the following rate limitations on the video uploads made via the API:

Standard accounts limitsVerified Partners limits
Per video2 hours and 4GbNo limit
Per 24h15 videos and 10 hours96 videos* and unlimited duration
*If you need to boost this limit for a specific use case, please get in touch with your assigned Dailymotion Account Manager

You can check the current limits set on your account at the video level with the limits field: /user/<CHANNEL_ID>?fields=limits (you need to be authenticated).


If you’re receiving error messages during your interactions with the Platform API, we’ve compiled a detailed list of possible errors you might encounter.

Whether it is authentication problems, request format issues, rate limits or anything else, we’re providing error descriptions to help you troubleshoot your requests.

API basics

If you want to get more information before diving into the API reference, read our API basics to get more insights on how to interact with the API objects, fields and filters: