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Reporting API
Getting started


With the Reporting API, you can monitor your content’s performance, analyze your audience behavior and optimize your monetization.

Thanks to a set of metrics, dimensions, filters and products, the Reporting API allows you to create custom reports in CSV format and integrate them to your monitoring solution. 

The Reporting API is only available to verified Partners.

API Keys & Endpoints

The Reporting API is accessible with both public and private API keys.
If you don’t know which API key to choose, find more details in the FAQ.

The endpoint used for authentication and any subsequent call is different depending on the type of API key used:

Public API key
Private API key


Subsequent requests:


Subsequent requests:

The API Reference is compatible with both endpoints.


If you need help getting started with the Reporting API, check the guides to authenticate and generate reports (they also include code samples for an easier integration).

API Reference


Key points to note before you begin:

  • Reports are generated asynchronously
  • Data is pulled and collected in a CSV file
  • CSV reports are generated in UTC timezone
  • You can generate a maximum of two reports concurrently
  • A report can take up to two hours to generate
  • A date range is required for every request. It cannot be smaller than 1 day or exceed 180 days.
  • A maximum of eight dimensions can be passed in a single report
  • Reports are deleted after 48 hours