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Monetize your content

The Dailymotion Player comes with a built-in ad stack designed to monetize your content, providing access to Dailymotion’s Demand while offering flexibility for integrating your own Demand. See more benefits.

In this page, we’ll guide you through the different ways to make the most out of your video inventory and leverage your monetization with Dailymotion!

1. Start monetizing

By default, the Dailymotion Player comes with a built-in ad stack designed to monetize each ad opportunity on your Player.

Make sure to implement each of the required steps below to start monetizing your video inventory with Dailymotion’s trusted ad entities.

Domain verification

Link your domain to your Dailymotion channel to prove legitimate ownership of your website and its hosted inventory

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Add Dailymotion’s list of “Authorized Digital Sellers” on your domain, ensuring only approved ad entities can monetize your inventory

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The App-ads.txt protocol is an extension of Ads.txt specifically designed for applications

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Implement TCF2 to align with GDPR legal requirements on user data processing

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Join Dailymotion’s MCM and access Google AdX premium deals

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2. Optimize monetization

If you want to go further, Dailymotion enables you to refine and enhance your ad integration to maximize the revenues generated from ads.

Optimize your Player

Ad Viewability &
User Engagement

Customize your Player configuration to maximize ad viewability and user engagement

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Optimize your domain

CORS Policy

Make sure browsers aren’t blocking external ressources like ads from being displayed on your domain

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Optimize video inventory

Contextual embed

Let the Player retrieve contextual data from your webpage (title, textual content, page URL) to pick the most relevant video to play

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Automatic recommendations

Show an autogenerated selection of curated content optimized for monetization, views or engagement without the hassle of creating playlists manually

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Playlist embed

Keep your audience engaged by embedding playlists along with single videos

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Video Metadata

Improve ad targeting with accurate video metadata

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Refine ad requests

Ad tag macros

Optimize ad calls relevancy with tag variables that are dynamically replaced with actual values at runtime

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Custom Config

Pass additional custom values in your VAST via the Player

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Ad scheduling

Insert ad breaks at specific times and choose how recurring they should be (prerolls / midrolls / postrolls)

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Ad pods

Implement ad pods to serve multiple ads per ad break

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Header Bidding

Adapt your Player for header bidding solutions to optimize each ad opportunity

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Monetize your content with the Dailymotion Player and enjoy the benefits it comes with:

Built-in ad stack
The Dailymotion Player simplifies monetization implementation, requiring minimum effort from publishers
Dailymotion’s Demand
Access to Dailymotion’s ad inventory without the hassle of complex integrations
Flexible ad integrations
Customize your ad integration with your own Demand
Compatible with industry standards
Compatible with IMA SDK, OM SDK and industry standard ad formats, guaranteeing a seamless integration with industry-leading entities
Brand Safety
Certified for brand safety by industry leaders, including MOAT (Oracle), IAS and TAG