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Improve ad targeting using ad macros

What are advertising macros?

An ad macro is a placeholder you can add in your VAST ad tag and which will dynamically insert values before the ad is served to your Player.

These ad macro are using tag variables, which are predefined values that can be used to pass information about the content, the user or even the device.

Ad macros allow Dailymotion to optimize fill rate and ad targeting on your content inventory.

Implement ad macros

Ad macros can be implemented following these steps:

  1. Define your needs – Reach out to your Dailymotion Account Manager to discuss in detail your targeting needs and your specifications
  2. Define the right tag variables – Dailymotion will define the tags fitting your requirements and implement them in your VAST tag

The table below is a non-exhaustive list of tag variables currently handled:

${content.title}Title of the video
${content.lang}Video language
${context.realautoplay}Indicates if the ads is set to play automatically (1) or not (0)
${context.playervolume}Indicates the volume at which the video is played:
-1 indicates a video on mute
0 to 10 indicates the volume range
${reader.gdpr.flag}Indicates if GDPR is required (1) or not (0)
The IAB Europe TCF must be implemented on your site/app for this macro to work 
${reader.gdpr.consent}User GDPR consent string
${context.height}Height of the current Dailymotion Player in pixels
${context.width}Width of the current Dailymotion Player in pixels

For optimal performance, only use tag variables supported by your ad server. See below the ad servers that Dailymotion supports.

More customization options:

If you have specific needs that go beyond standard macros, you can further optimize your ad targeting and dynamically send additional custom values through the Player parameters using our Custom Config solution.

Please contact your Dailymotion Account Manager for more information.

Ad macro example

Once you’ve defined your needs and communicated them to your Account Manager, Dailymotion will add dedicated tag variables in your VAST tag. For example, we might add ${context.embedder} and [CACHEBUSTING].

Reminder: As a publisher, you don’t have to handle variables – this process is entirely managed by our team.

Your VAST with tag variables will look like this on Dailymotion side:${context.embedder}&correlator=[CACHEBUSTING]&iu=/123456/test&sz=640x360&env=vp&impl=s&gdfp_req=1&output=vast&unviewed_position_start=1

At runtime, the tag variables will dynamically be replaced with actual values.

For example, ${context.embedder} might be replaced by and [CACHEBUSTING] might be replaced by a unique value like 2843743232552991, which will look like this:

Supported ad servers

Dailymotion may integrate ad servers that are compliant with the IAB’s VAST standard. Dailymotion supports – but is not restrictive to – the following ad servers:

AdFormBrightrollGoogle Ad ManagerNexx360
Smart Ad ServerSpotXchangeSpringserverSunMedia