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Optimize Player with Automatic Recommendations


The Dailymotion Player gives you the possibility to easily show curated content to your audience without the hassle of creating playlists manually.

“Automatic Recommendations” is an AI-driven feature designed to generate refined selections of videos. Depending on your goal, it can be optimized for monetization, engagement or view performance.

In this guide, we’ll show you the characteristics of each optimization model, and how to enable them on a Player configuration using the API.

Automatic Recommendations can also be configured from the Dailymotion Studio. See “Recommendations” section.

Optimization models

Find below the key attributes of the optimization models available for Automatic Recommendations:

Optimization modelsCharacteristics
monetizationRecommends videos with high revenue potential
engagementRecommends videos relevant to the initial one, with a focus on content generating more user interactions
viewsRecommends videos relevant to the initial one, with a focus on content generating more views
  • The optimization model will first select the most relevant content from your channel’s video inventory
  • If you don’t have enough content available on your channel, it will complete the selection with high-performing 3rd party options

Create a Player with Automatic Recommendations ON

To create or modify a Player via the Platform API, make sure you’re authenticated with the manage_players scope. Please refer to the authentication guides to see how to authenticate with specific scopes.

You can create or modify a Player with Automatic Recommendations set to a specific optimization model using the parameter below. Refer to the table above for a description of each optimization model value.

recommendations_optimisationDefault: monetization
Other: engagement views

Create a Player

Using this code sample, you can create a Player with the recommendations_optimisation of your choice. In this example, it is set on the engagement model.

// Create a Player with the parameter recommendations_optimisation set on a specific value: monetization, engagement or views
// Replace <YOUR_CHANNEL_ID> with your own Channel ID

curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer ${ACCESS_TOKEN}' \
       -d 'label=My new player' \
       -d 'recommendations_optimisation=engagement' \<YOUR_CHANNEL_ID>/players

Edit an existing Player

If you already have a Player and only want to update recommendations_optimisation, use the following code sample and replace the value with the one you intend to use.

// Change the recommendations_optimisation parameter on an existing Player
// Replace <YOUR_PLAYER_ID> with the Player ID you want to modify

curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer ${ACCESS_TOKEN}' \
       -d 'recommendations_optimisation=views' \