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Access Google MCM program and AdX via Dailymotion

What is Google MCM?

MCM (Multiple Customer Management) enables publishers to access Google Ad Exchange (AdX) via authorized third-party partners like Dailymotion who can manage inventory on their behalf.

Accessing Google AdX has many benefits for publishers:

  • Access to Google’s premium ad partners with high quality ads, big brands and year-round campaigns
  • Larger selection of advertisers resulting in more competitive bids on video inventories
  • Increase of ad revenues

MCM is only available to Google partners that fulfil very strict quality criteria. Dailymotion counts as one of Google approved MCM partner with access to Google AdX.

Access MCM program via Dailymotion

As a Google MCM program partner, Dailymotion has the ability to invite publishers to join its MCM and manage their Google Ad Manager network on their behalf. This establishes a “parent-child” relationship, where Dailymotion is the “parent”, and the publisher granting access to its network is the “child”.

Joining Dailymotion’s MCM can be done in 2 steps and requires minimum effort for publishers.


To benefit from this process, make sure you already have a Google Ad Manager Account

1. Invitation to join Dailymotion MCM

In order for Dailymotion to invite you to join its MCM, please send the following information about your Google Ad Manager account to your Dailymotion Account Manager:

  • An “Administrator” email address
    Can be found in GAM > Admin > Access & authorization > Users
  • Your Network code
    Can be found in GAM > Admin > Global settings > Network settings > Network code

Once we’ll receive these information, we’ll send you an invitation to the given email address to join Dailymotion’s MCM.


Once the invitation has been sent, it can take up to 24h for you to receive it via email

2. Domains approval by Google

Google will check if your domains comply with their policy before allowing ads to be served. Make sure you comply with the following requirements:

Domains verificationYour domains are verified on your Dailymotion Studio.

See how to verify domains.
Ads.txtThe Ads.txt file on each of your domains includes the following mandatory line:, pub-7019376976432612, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

See how to manage Ads.txt file on your domains.

If you meet these requirements, we will include your domains to Dailymotion’s Ad Manager account and Google will review them to make sure they are compliant.


Google’s review usually takes a few days, but up to 2 weeks in some cases