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Brand safety

What is brand safety?

Brand safety is a set of measures and practices designed to foster trust and transparency among digital advertising actors. It mutually benefits advertisers and publishers.

For publishers, brand safety allows to improve user experience, making sure your content is associated with premium ads and trustworthy brands.

For advertisers, brand safety ensures that your brand and message aren’t associated with inappropriate or harmful content that could hurt your brand reputation.

How does Dailymotion guarantee brand safety?

Dailymotion uses tech & human monitoring to guarantee brand safety. We comply with leading ad verification standards and advertise on trusted content with trusted brands.

The AdTech industry has put in place multiple standards for ad verification on the market.

Oracle IAS

We are collaborating with MOAT (Oracle) and IAS – some of the most influent third-party ad verification services – to monitor Dailymotion compliance with viewability, fraud detection, and brand safety requirements.

TAG certifications

Dailymotion is also certified with the 3 following TAG certifications:

Thanks to Oracle & IAS verifications, and TAG certifications, Dailymotion is considered trustworthy in the advertising ecosystem. This implies that our Demand and Supply partners can confidently buy and sell our inventory knowing that it is reliably measured, secured and not fraudulent.

This essentially means that Dailymotion has been certified to be in control of its inventory, onsite as its own publisher, and offsite by working with other publishers hosting our video Player.

What can you implement?

As a publisher, Dailymotion allows you to implement the following measures to be considered by advertisers as trustworthy content and foster monetization on your video inventory:

Domain verificationLink your domain to your Dailymotion channel to prove legitimate ownership of your website and hosted inventory.

See how to verify domains.
Ads.txt + App-ads.txtAdd Dailymotion’s list of “Authorized Digital Sellers” on your domain and app domain to ensure that only authorized ad entities can monetize your inventory.

See how to implement Ads.txt and App-ads.txt.
GDPR compliance and TCF2Make sure your apps and domains are GDPR compliant by implementing TCF2, demonstrating to advertisers that your processing of user data is aligned with legal regulations.

See how to implement TCF2.