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Optimize ad breaks using ad pods

What are ad pods?

Ad pods are sequences of multiple ads played consecutively within a single ad break. They are flexible and can fit into prerolls, midrolls and postrolls.

Introduced with IAB VAST 3.0, ad pods provide a better way to monetize long-form content:

  • Reduced latency and infrastructural loads – Ad pods fill multiple ad slots in one single ad call
  • Increase ad revenue – Ad pods play multiple ads per ad break, resulting in higher fill rates
  • Ads coordination – Ad pods coordinate the ad request and reduce the risk of displaying repetitive or conflicting ads in the same ad break
  • TV-like experience – Ad pods mimic the traditional linear TV commercial format, ensuring a familiar experience for viewers

Implement ad pods

The Dailymotion Player supports ad pods created via Google Ad Manager only

Ad pods can be implemented on your Dailymotion Player following these steps:

  1. Create your ad pods via your Google Ad Manager account, following Google requirements. You’ll be able to define parameters such as the position of the pod in the video (preroll, midroll, postroll) or the number of ads per ad break.
  2. Reach out to your Dailymotion Account Manager to share your ad pod codes – We’ll manually add them into your VAST tag.

Check our ad scheduling solution to optimize ad pods positioning