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Welcome to the Dailymotion developer portal. Our developer portal provides information about using our technologies and should help any developer create amazing video experiences and solutions.

This page provides an overview of using the following technologies which can be used individually or together:

  • Player & Player API
  • Data API
  • Reporting API


The Player section outlines everything from creating your first Player, customization, embedding the Player on your properties along with interacting with the Player using the Player API. Check out the full Player documentation here.

Integration overview

Depending on your needs and environment you can integrate the Player using one of the methods outlined below.

IntegrationInfoAccess to Player API
Player Embed ScriptEmbed using JavaScript, the single line script will load the Player at the point where you add it to the HTML pageYes
Player Library ScriptAdd just the player JavaScript library to create players programmaticallyYes
Player iFrameThe iFrame embed method is the most basic way to integrate the Player. Advanced functionality such as PiP and firstTimeView will not be available. Recommended for Facebook Instant ArticlesNo
Android SDKThe SDK is a thin wrapper around a WebView that allows to easily embed the Player into an Android applicationYes
iOS SDKA Swift wrapper around the WKWebView Class that allows developers to easily embed the Player in iOS applicationsYes
AmpThe Dailymotion AMP component is available to embed the Player with the AMP frameworkNo

We have opened a CodePen developer account to provide access to some code samples that will allow you to discover the Dailymotion Player and its features, check it out here.

Player API Reference

Each script used to embed the player also provides access to the Player API without any additional configuration, everything is available and bundled from the Player embed script. The Player API allows you to create a player, retrieve information about a specific player state, listen to player events and trigger player methods.

Check out the full reference here.

Data API

The Dailymotion Data API is a simple way to upload, access, publish and modify data on the Dailymotion Platform. It presents a simple, consistent view of the Dailymotion objects (e.g., usersvideosplaylists, etc.) and the connections between them.

We designed a set of SDKs that enable you to integrate with our Data API. For now on, available SDKs are:

Check out the full Data API documentation and learn best how to use it here.

Reporting API

The Dailymotion reporting API provides the ability to build custom reports based on aggregated performance measurements across a set of dimensions and filters. The flexible interface allows you to ingest data at your convenience and in the format you need. The reporting API is only available to our verified partners.

To see our full Reporting API documentation see here.