How to embed a private video via Dailymotion’s API?

To embed a private video, you have to use a “kid” instead of a “xid”. Once you’ve retrieved it, there are 3 ways to embed your video via our API: using the “private_id” field, the “embed_html” field or the “embed_url” field. Here’s how.

Get your video “kid”

Here is an API call example which can be done when you’re logged in and owner of the video:,embed_html,embed_url. This will provide your video “kid”, essential step in embedding a private video.

 "private_id": "k1A2b3c4d5C6d7E8f9g",
 "embed_html": "<iframe frameborder=\"0\" width=\"480\" height=\"270\" src=\"\" allowfullscreen allow=\"autoplay\"></iframe>",
 "embed_url": ""

The “private_id” field

The first way to embed a private video is by using the “private_id” field (you have to be the owner of the video to use this field). Note that successive calls will generate different ids. 

Note: If you disclose your video “kid”, it won’t be private anymore.

The “embed_html” field

Another way to embed a private video is to use the “embed_html” field. It will send you the html code that you’ll use to embed the video and it should adapt properly to the correct id (whether it’s an “xid” or a “kid”).

<iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="270" src="" allowfullscreen allow="autoplay"></iframe>

The “embed_url” field

Finally, you can embed your private video by using the “embed_url” field. It will provide you the URL to embed the video via our API.