How to customize your Player Queue with a specified Playlist

Keep your users engaged on your properties with your selected content. With our new feature, you can now populate the Player “Up Next Queue” with videos from a specified playlist. 

Do you want your queue by default to play relevant content next? To customize this experience, simply embed a video and specify the playlist id along with the video id. Grab a playlist ID from a playlist you want to use and add it to your video embed. You can embed any video, with a queue populated with any playlist.

Using an iframe

 <iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="270" src="" allowfullscreen allow="autoplay"></iframe>

Using our JS SDK

 <script src=""></script>
<div id="videoPlayer"></div>
var player = DM.player("videoPlayer", {
    video : "x3rdtfy",
    playlist: "x5zhzj",
    width: "480",
    height: "270",

See the full JavaScript SDK documentation

Using our “Picture in Picture” technology

 <div class="dailymotion-cpe" video-id="x3rdtfy" playlist-id="x5zhzj"></div>

Using the Dailymotion AMP component

 <amp-dailymotion data-param-playlist="x5zhzj" data-videoid="x3rdtfy" layout="responsive"  width="480" height="270"></amp-dailymotion>

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