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How to work with autostart

In recent years, browsers have been setting stricter policies regarding autostart behavior on videos. Although you can activate the autostart behavior in the Player’s configuration, full control over autostart behavior isn’t possible, due to users’ browser settings.

Here are the available options to customize the behavior of the autostart when the video is played:

  • First time viewable: Playback will start as soon as the Player is in view
  • On: Playback will start as soon as the Player is loaded
  • Off: Playback will start only on user interaction


We advise using the autostart mode firstTimeViewable: it will help safeguard viewability and monetization.

“First time viewable” is available when embedding the Player on web using the Embed Script or Library Script.

Our Player includes smart autostart behavior engineered to maximize the chances of automatically playing a video in all browser conditions.

When autostart is enabled, the Player goes through the following waterfall:

  1. If the browser allows autostart, the Player will automatically play with sound on.
  2. If autostart is prevented by the browser, it will attempt to play the video again but will automatically mute itself. In this case on mobile devices, the Player will display a “Tap to unmute” call to action that allows users to unmute with a single tap anywhere on the Player.
  3. If the browser doesn’t allow autostart, the Player will display a start screen and wait for the user’s interaction to start video playback.