How to make an IFTTT applet that sends an email each time a specific new video is found on Dailymotion?

We are currently working on improving our IFTTT application and we just added a new trigger named “New video from search”. It’s now possible to create an IFTTT applet that will perform an action every time a new filtered video is found. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to receive an email when a new “Game of Thrones” video is available in English on Dailymotion.

IFTTT glossary:

Step 1

Create a new IFTTT applet by clicking on “New Applet” on your personal menu.

Step 2

Click on .

Step 3

Search for Dailymotion trigger service and select it (thousands of services are available in IFTTT).

Step 4

Choose the trigger “New video from search”.

Step 5

Now type “Game of Thrones” in the keyword field.
Don’t forget to set the search string between double quotes and set the language field to English videos only.

Why should you enclose your search filters with double quotes?:

Without these quotes, the query will be like: “Game OR of OR Thrones”, meaning that you will receive videos about “Olympic games” or “the English throne”.

Step 6

Choose an action to perform when a new video is found by clicking on .

Step 7

Select the email service.

Step 8

The default fields are already pre-configured for emails, although you can customize them if necessary. When you’re done, click on “Create action”.

Step 9

Check the “Receive notification when this Applet runs” selector to be informed by email when the applet is running.

Step 10

Click on “finish”. The applet status must be “ON”.
Congratulation: your IFTTT applet is created!

Use the “Check now” button to control that your configuration is OK before leaving the platform.

Warning: choose a wise filter combination:

If you apply an “English” language filter while targeting a user who only produces videos in French, you obviously won’t receive any notifications.

IFTTT Applets: how does it work?

IFTTT is directly connected to Dailymotion REST API. The service checks if new filtered videos are available and sends an event each time a new element is found.

We added 5 different filters in this new video trigger:

More possibilities with IFTTT

If you’re not a developer, IFTTT is a great alternative to enjoy the features offered by our API. There are thousands of actions that can be automatically performed when a new video is found: