The perfect music playlist to develop with Dailymotion’s APIs

You’re ready to code, but you’re kind of missing something? Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect playlist to delight your ears and give you the inspiration to create wonderful video applications using our APIs. 

1) When you perform your first API call in our API Explorer

I’m sexy and I know it” – LMFAO

2) When you embed our video Player

“It’s So Easy” – Guns N’ Roses

(Because it’s so easy to embed our Player! Tutorial here)

3) When you perform a video live streaming

Don’t stop me now” – Queen

4) When you read the full API documentation

All night long” – Lionel Richie

5) When you request API Support

Help” – The Beatles

6) When your code is poorly written

Oops I did it again” – Britney Spears