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Create a public API key

While some basic features and infos are available without authentication, you will need to create an API key to register your application and authenticate in order to perform more elaborate API calls.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a public API key. Check the compatibility matrix to make sure the endpoint you want to use is compatible.


Follow the steps below to create a public API key:

  1. Log into your Dailymotion Studio with an Owner or Admin account
  2. Go to OrganizationAPI keysCreate API key
  3. If you have the choice, select Public API key
    If you don’t, a Public key will be created by default
  4. Give a title and a description to your API key
  5. Add a Callback URL if you intend to use the “Authorization code” grant type.
    If you intend to use the “Client credentials” or “Password” grant types, no Callback URL is needed
  6. Click Create
  7. Store your API key and API secret for the next steps

Endpoints compatibility

Find below the compatibility of the public API key with our API endpoints:

Private API key required